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23rd July, 2018 - Nadine Mirza


23rd July, 2018 - Nadine Mirza


Nadine is an aspiring clinical and research psychologist who has completed her BSc (Hons) in Psychology and MPhil in Primary Care Mental Health from the University of Manchester (UoM). She is currently working towards her PhD in Mental Health at the university, funded through a doctoral training studentship with the Medical Research Council.

Her research is on the assessment of dementia and cognitive impairment within ethnic minorities and improving their access to and diagnosis of dementia in memory clinics. As she has roots in both the UK and Pakistan she has knowledge of both their cultural and language based contexts, which allows her to work particularly with British South Asians. She has also gathered mental health related work experience from multiple settings within Pakistan.

Alongside her studies she works as a graduate teaching assistant at the School of Psychological Sciences based at the university and as an Assistant Psychologist with Just Psychology, a community interest company that focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of children and those from BME backgrounds. Her role involves doing advocacy work for children, evaluating family group conferences, co-facilitating children’s mental health and wellbeing groups and assisting in the running of workshops for parents.

Nadine is also passionate about public engagement and science communication, particularly science writing, and runs and writes for the blog, The Almost Psychologist, as well as for other writing spaces such as the British Psychological Society’s ‘The Psychologist’ and blogs for the university, the Medical Research Council and the National Institute of Health Research.