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5th February, 2018 - Joanna Berger


5th February, 2018 - Joanna Berger



Joanna Berger fell in love with the science of psychology in high school. After completing a bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of Virginia, Joanna later completed an MSc in "Applied Animal Behavior and Animal Welfare" at the University of Edinburgh. Her dissertation research determined the effect of a novel enrichment device on the territories, social structure, and behavior of African Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus) at the ground-level of an aviary. Joanna has presented on several occasions, including the Animal Behavior Management Alliance Conference, the Gateway Parrot Club, and an ethology conference in Ecuador. Joanna writes on the topic of avian behavior for BirbObserver newsmag, and shares information and advice about pet behavior over Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. She has attended additional animal training courses with Dr. Susan Friedman, Dr. Ian Dunbar and the Karen Pryor Academy.

Currently, Joanna operates her own business - the Animal Behavior Consultancy (LLC). As a Clinical Animal Behaviorist, she educates pet owners on the psychology of animals, and uses principles of operant and classical conditioning to modify animal behavior.