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26th March, 2018 - Imogen CM


26th March, 2018 - Imogen CM


Imogen CM
My name is Imogen, and I live in Scotland with my partner and my cat.  I got interested in psychology when I saw Susan Greenfield's Christmas Lectures on the brain when I was seven.  I remember thinking "Girls can do science too!".  After completing my undergrad in psychology, I studied for an MSc in Health psychology, then worked as a research assistant, then an assistant psychologist in a CAMHS team.  All that experience helped me get on the Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology training at the University of Edinburgh - a year of clinical training with children, young people, and families, and completion of a dissertation.  It was an amazing training, yet hugely challenging.  I am now competing the doctorate in clinical psychology, and have about a year to go.
Psychology is everywhere for me - at work, at uni, and in my home life.  We all have mental health, which can be good or poor at anytime, for many reasons.  I have an insatiable curiosity about how people understand and interact with the world, how this influences mental health, and most importantly how we can make things better for people.