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5th March, 2018 - Abbie Barnes


5th March, 2018 - Abbie Barnes



Abbie Barnes is a recent BSc Psychology graduate from Bournemouth University, and an aspiring Clinical Psychologist. From an early age, Abbie knew that she wanted to pursue a career which provided the opportunity to help others. Since first studying Psychology at GCSE level, her passion for the field has grown. With a particularly keen interest in adult mental health and neuropsychology, she aims to become a practising clinician to help and support those in need. Throughout her undergraduate degree (and since leaving university), Abbie has been in a variety of relevant work roles - both voluntary and paid - in order to enhance her professional experience and develop as a psychologist. This has included: Being Research Assistant to a Clinical Psychologist; working as front-line NHS staff at an emergency centre; operating in psychiatric facilities overseas as a Mental Health Support Worker; and more...

Next month Abbie will be commencing her new role for the NHS within the National Psychosis Unit, acquiring more valuable hands-on experience in the field before she progresses onto further study in the near future.