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What is @PsyTweeps?

PsyTweeps is a Twitter account that showcases a different individual (or organisation) that works in, or is affected by, psychology. A fresh face each week! We'll be posting brief biographies of our featured tweeters on her each week. Researchers, clinicians, students, service users... the list goes on. Psychology means something different to each of us, and we're all experts in our own way. Follow and join the conversation on our twitter page, @PsyTweeps!

If you're looking to take over PsyTweeps for a week, check the schedule to see which dates are free and sign up here. If you want to know what's involved, we have some guidelines here.

PsyTweeps was founded (and is maintained) by Tom Rozwaha. Special thanks go to @BioTweeps (Anthony Caravaggi), from whom the inspiration for this was taken. Extended thanks also go to @AstroTweeps organisers (Meg Schwamb, Niall Deacon, and Demitri Muna) for the original idea.

Twitter: @PsyTweeps